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It is the responsibility of each hiring group to ensure that all group members understand and follow the MAC rules and procedures.

Each group must have a competent leader (the “Group Leader”) in charge to liaise with MAC staff. The Group Leader is responsible for group members’ supervision at all times. The MAC staff may instruct, lead, demonstrate or assist in any activity but the Group Leader is deemed to be responsible for overall group supervision.


MAC reserves the right to terminate the occupancy without notice for breach of the General Conditions for Hire or if in the reasonable opinion of MAC Management, damage may be caused to persons, MAC property or its environment.

If the occupancy is terminated for these reasons MAC may at its discretion retain all moneys paid to it by the Group and all outstanding moneys owed by the Group to MAC shall be immediately due and payable unless MAC states otherwise. Camp staff are empowered to take action as may be deemed necessary for proper conduct at MAC. Termination of the occupancy by MAC will not prejudice any rights the Centre may have against the Group for damages or otherwise.


Public Liability:              $50 million.
Products Liability:           $50 million.
The Scout Association of Australia – Western Australian Branch (Scouts WA)


In consideration of MAC accepting the Group’s booking the Group agrees to:

(i) Release and forever discharge MAC, Scouts WA, their respective directors, officers and agents from all Claims that it may have or may have had but for this release arising from or in connection with its stay at MAC or participating in any activity there; and

(ii) Indemnify and hold harmless MAC, Scouts WA, their respective directors, officers and agents to the extent permitted by law in respect of any Claim by any person including but not only a member of the Group arising as a result of or in connection with the Group’s use of MAC or participation in any activity there.

In this clause “Claims” means and includes any action, suit, proceeding, claim, demand, damage, penalty, cost or expense however arising (including negligence, trespass to the person or for breach of implied terms in the sale of services under section 74 of the Trade Practices Act (Cth) 1974).

By submitting your booking you are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions listed in this Document.


If staying overnight, campers should bring a sleeping bag, blankets, pillow, bed linen, towel, toiletries, a torch and any other personal needs.

For health and safety reasons, the number of group members sleeping in a room must not exceed the number of beds in the room. Removal of mattresses from beds is not permitted.


Groups may not enter MAC prior to their allocated Check-In time.

All groups are required to clean and vacate their facilities by the arranged time on their booking summary.


Accommodation Bookings:

Building accommodation is a minimum of two nights except when it is a long weekend, in which case three nights are required. This policy does not apply to most campsites.

Chris’ Corner Camp Kitchen must be booked with Chris’ Corner Campgrounds.

Minimum charges apply to all bookings.

Bookings will not be confirmed until the deposit has been paid.

Payments are only accepted by EFT/Direct deposit or Credit Card. We do not accept cheques.

Deposit Invoice:

Once a booking has been created and the deposit invoice has been generated, payment for the deposit invoice (50% of the total invoice balance) is due within 5 days. Non-payment or late payment of deposit will result in the booking becoming void.

Final Invoice:

An invoice for the final balance will be issued 21 days prior to Check-In and must be paid no later than 7 days before Check-In. If you wish to generate and pay your final balance invoice early, please contact

Non-payment of the final invoice will lead to the booking being cancelled. If a booking is cancelled, property access will be denied and any deposit previously received will be subject to forfeiture.

Activity and Equipment Bookings:

Your preferred activity and equipment bookings are subject to availability. If they are not available, Manjedal Activity Centre staff will contact you to discuss alternatives.

Equipment available for hire must be returned in the condition prior to use or you will be subject to additional charges.

All groups participating in self-facilitated activities at MAC such as the Blind Trail, Confidence Course, Challenge Zone, Swimming, and other such activities agree to do so in the safest possible manner and take all due care required, and agree to provide suitable and capable individuals to run these activities. Groups agree not to hold MAC liable for any incidents or injuries that may occur as a result of participating in these activities.

Booking Variations:

You may make changes to your booking with no penalty as long as the booking was made more than 21 days in advance and the final balance invoice has not yet been generated. Changes can be made via the link provided immediately after making a booking, or via the link or booking summary emailed to you. Variations can also be made by contacting MAC. An administration charge will be incurred to cover the cost of roster changes and staff wages, if you wish to make changes to a short-notice booking (generated 21 days or less prior to check-in). Please contact MAC to make changes.

Cancellation Policy:

No refunds will be given on deposits or any other amounts paid. Please note this means that your deposit for one building will not be credited to your booking if you decide you no longer need that building.  Cancellation of your booking within 7 days of your check in, will require all outstanding invoices still being paid in full.  No credit notes will be issued.

MAC offers a catering service, delivering variety that will please all tastes and quality service at an affordable price. Dietary requirements are respected. For more information, please contact MAC.

Groups that choose to use non MAC catering services will be responsible for the caterers’ accommodation and / or day visit charges.

MAC is a “self-clean” facility, requiring groups to clean the buildings, both during their stay and before departure. Please leave your chosen facilities exactly as you found them. This policy allows MAC to keep accommodation costs to a minimum.

Cleaning instructions are provided in each facility. MAC will supply mops, mop buckets, brooms, scrubbing brooms and dustpans, as well as garbage and recycling bins.  Groups are responsible for bringing other materials such as cleaning agents and kitchen bin bags.  MAC will also supply basic bathroom requirements such as toilet rolls, and hand wash.  Groups are advised to bring their own hand drying supplies.


Emergency procedures are contained in the Site Induction.


Food and drink are prohibited in building accommodations. These items should only be consumed in dining rooms, BBQ shelter areas or outdoors.


Group leaders must ensure that:

-They are familiar with and understand the MAC Site Induction Plan contents.

-Campers under 18 years of age have received appropriate consent from their parent or guardian before attending MAC.

-Each camper has completed a health and medical record sheet (to be kept by the Group leader in a register).

-A complete list of camper names is provided to MAC administration prior to arrival on site.

-All visitors have been advised of MAC’s safety briefing and general conditions of hire.

-Safety issues associated with self led off-site excursions are identified and any necessary precautions are taken.

-Campers under 6 years old do not sleep on top bunks.

-MAC facilitators and management are advised of any camper medical conditions or behaviour that may arise and put others at risk, including special needs visitors.

-All members act appropriately and respect each other, each other’s property and the environment.

-Noise levels are reduced after 10:00 pm.


The MAC Caretaker lives on site at the house adjacent to Gilwell.

In case of emergency, please use the radio attached to the office to contact management instead of approaching the Caretaker’s residence.


Upon request, the MAC Staff can create a full program for your group to suit your group’s requirements, taking into account the number of persons, ages, abilities and expectations, as well as your desired price range. Please contact MAC to find out more.


Groups are only permitted to access the buildings and sites that they have been allocated.

Misuse or damage of MAC property is prohibited. All breakages and losses must be reported to MAC. MAC staff and Scouts WA take no responsibility for any loss or damage to customers’ personal property.

Firearms and pets are also prohibited.

Camper vans, trailers and mobile homes are not permitted.


All MAC buildings and lands are designated smoke free zones.

Alcohol may only be consumed with prior written approval from the Centre Manager.


Access to and from MAC will be by vehicle, however, during your stay, access around MAC should be via bicycle or walking. The maximum speed limit at Manjedal is 15km per hour due to road degradation and pedestrian/cyclist safety requirements.

Parking is strictly at the owner’s risk and is only available in designated areas.

Vehicles and parking are prohibited where a sign indicates ‘No Parking’, ‘No Access’, ‘No Vehicles Beyond This Point’ or ‘Keep Clear’.


Care and common sense should be taken when approaching wild animals.