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There are a large number of activities that groups can undertake at Manjedal. Some activities require trained MAC staff and some you can run yourself (self-facilitation). MAC staff are happy to help you plan successful activities.

Please contact our Activities Manager for more information regarding Sunday and Public Holiday Surcharges at or 08 9525 1210

Self-facilitated activities MUST still be booked in with MAC staff. 

AERIAL RUNWAY                                                                                                      




ABSEILING: Descend our 15 metre abseiling tower, sheer face and overhang for that personal thrill and self achievement. Day or night. MAC Trained Staff required. For ages 11 years+.

ARCHERY: Try your hand at our archery range to hit the bull’s-eye, spider filled web or balloons, teaching patience, focus and aim. Day only. MAC Trained Staff required.  For ages 8 years+.

BLIND TRAIL: Blindfold yourself for a 350 metre trail of winding ropes through the bush, over and under logs and obstacles and across a creek bed. Day or night. Suitable for all ages.

CANOEING: Paddle away on the still waters of Lake Jones for a peaceful drift or learn to canoe. Day only.  For ages 8 years+.

CHALLENGE ZONE: Work your way through a type of obstacle course which involves balance and teamwork through a series of ropes and structures low to the ground.  Day recommended.  Suitable for all ages.

CLIMBING WALL: Grip and climb a 15 metre rock textured vertical climbing wall with overhanging sections, enabling participants to experience the exhilaration of rock climbing, in a structured and safe environment. Allows for 3 climbers at once. Day or night. MAC Trained Staff required. For ages 8+.

COMPASS COURSE: Follow a series of indicator boards giving a compass bearing and a distance. Designed to take 1 – 2 hours. Compasses are available for hire. Day or night. For ages 8 years+.

CONFIDENCE COURSE: Meander your way through an obstacle course in the bush (and up the creek if you choose that route), individually or within a team holding on to a pole. Day recommended. Suitable for all ages.

CRATE CLIMB: Take the challenge and see how many crates you can stack on top of each other, while climbing the tower you are building. Two towers may be built at the same time. Day or night. For ages 6+. Manjedal staff required.

AERIAL RUNWAY: Speed along our Aerial Runway, 240 metres of cable from one side of the valley to the other, up to 20 metres above ground. Day or night. MAC Trained Staff required. For ages 8 years+.

FRISBEE GOLF: Try our nine hole Frisbee Golf course played along the same line as traditional golf, but instead of the club and ball you use a frisbee. For a challenge, try using boomerangs, or your own substitute. Day or night. MAC Trained Staff required at night. Suitable for all ages.

GEOCACHING: Hunt for “treasure” in this high-tech adventurous version of hide-and-seek using a GPS, while exploring the outdoors. Day or night. Suitable for all ages. MAC trained staff required.

GIANT SWING: Free fall and scream from a maximum of 8 metres, before swinging weightlessly. Invert yourself for an extra thrill. Teamwork is required to pull you up high. Day or night. MAC Trained Staff required.  For ages 6+.

HIGH ROPES: Test your sense of balance on our 14 element course while you tackle challenges at least 8 metres off the ground. Due to the design of the course participants have a choice of which elements to tackle, in small groups of 3. Day only. MAC Trained Staff required. For ages 11 years+.

INFLATABLE OBSTACLE COURSE: Race through a 25 metre long inflatable, over and through obstacles, ending with a slide to the finish. A race can start about every 30 seconds making this an upbeat, fast moving activity. Day or night. MAC Trained Staff required. Suitable for all ages.

LASER TAG: Using strategy and stealth, infiltrate your opponent’s base, with many variations using infrared hand held devices. Play individually or within a team. Day or night. MAC Trained Staff required. For ages 8 years+.

MAC POINTS: Introduce your group to Map reading skills using our supplied maps & score cards to see who can find the most points in your group using the punches set out around the site. For ages 6+. MAC facilitated.

MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDING: Challenge yourself with a guided ride around Manjedal over rough terrain. For ages 11+. Manjedal facilitated.

NATURE TRAIL: Take a relaxing tour through the heart of Manjedal while expanding your knowledge of our flora, fauna and history. Information sheets/guides detailing each point on the trail are available for you to print. Day recommended. Manjedal or self facilitated. For all ages.

NAVIGATION: Study your map in pairs or groups and choose a scoring strategy to find the most points collected from markers around MAC, where the highest points are collected from the furthest markers and the lowest points are collected from the closest markers. Day or night.  For 8 years +.

NIGHT TRAIL: Using your torches, follow the reflective direction markers along the way of a 1.5km trail. Listen for and watch the animals of the night as they scamper around on a quest for food. Night recommended. For all ages.

ORIENTEERING: Incorporating map reading and compass skills, take the challenge in pairs or in small groups. There are 40 markers around the property, some easy to find, others not so easy. Day or night. For ages 8 years+.

RAFT BUILDING: Raft building is a fun activity where participants get to use their hands and build something creative. Using logs, barrels, rope and some basic knots, groups build a raft and see if it floats. Day only. For 8 years +.

REPTILES/SNAKES PRESENTATION: Come face to face with live reptiles within an exciting and educational presentation delivered by our preferred specialists. Day or night. External provider. For all ages.

SEARCH AND RESCUE: Using team work, map reading, and communication via radios groups must find all of the articles relating to a given scenario. Day or night. MAC Trained Staff required. For ages 8 years+

SPIDERWEB: Encourage lateral thinking by getting every member of your team through a different hole in the web without touching the sides. Day or night. MAC facilitated. For ages 6 +.

SWIMMING: Splash about in our beautiful spring fed, man made lake, where you can bring your own floating toys and tubes, or study Marron at the water’s edge. Swimming is Day only. Manjedal or self facilitated. For all ages.  If self-facilitating, your supervisor must be an extremely confident swimmer, preferably with a Bronze Medallion or similar qualification.

TEAM BUILDING:  Work as part of a team to complete, encouraging team work and leadership whilst having fun.  Day or night.  Manjedal staff required.  Suitable for all ages.

TUNNEL SYSTEM: Experience the thrill of caving in our underground tunnels. Follow the leader, explore, or try one of our variations to add to the excitement of Gem Stone Mine, Gold Strike, Pirates’ Loot or have us hide your own items underground. Wear light long sleeved clothing and bring/hire a torch. Day or night. Manjedal facilitated. For ages 6+.

VERTICAL CHALLENGES: Test your climbing abilities with a combination of two different swaying elements. Ascend and descend. Day or night. Manjedal facilitated. For ages 8 years+.

WALK TRAILS: Walk the Boundary Rider (5.5km), Round-A-Bout (3.5km) or Short Circuit (2km) trail, all starting and finishing at the same point, through various segments of bushland, creeks and tracks. Day or night. Suitable for all ages.


Equipment available for hire: compasses, blindfolds, frisbees, BBQs (including gas), eskies, tables and chairs, portable shelters, and tents. To ensure supply please book in advance.